Saturday, September 4, 2010

Woodland and Owl Canister

I was so excited when Elizabeth showed me this little gem for the first time!
Isn't it so stinkin cute?
{Find it here}

In honor of this adorable owl canister in the shop, I rounded up a few owl goodies around the web. Enjoy!

from Nini Makes

from The Sweetest Occasion

from Not Just a Mommy

Owl Cupcakes
{Seriously, Hello Naomi has the best
 collection of cupcakes I've ever seen!}

from The Celebration Shoppe

from A Beautiful Mess
Last but not least,
an entire blog just for OWLS!
{Be sure to check out the freebies!}


Janee said...

Oh my!! My Owl Barn??? LOVE IT!!!! I want owl cupcakes; I want to re-do Parker's room in owls; Ahhh!!!! :) Love it all!!

My Owl Barn said...

That's a super cute canister. Thanks for the feature!

MotherSea said...

yayy! Janee, I couldn't wait for you to see it! :) isn't that blog fantastic?

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