Meet Mattie

I'm Mattie.
I am a 21 year old, Apparel Merchandising student at Louisiana State University.
I started Odelma Vintage in 2010 as a way to fill my time in the summer in between semesters.
I spend most of my free time rummaging through estate sales, garage sales, and thrift shops. It's become a fantastic hobby of mine, and I love it!
I also love anything I can make with my hands or anything that pushes my little right brain's buttons. I am a crafter and creator at heart. I can't deny it. But the most important thing you'll ever know about me is that I am a child of God, created in His own image, and I delightfully abide in Him daily. Without Him, I wouldn't...well, I just wouldn't. End of story.

I belong to a wonderful church family in Baton Rouge.
And I have a pretty awesome boyfriend who makes me laugh & treasures Christ with me.

Join me as I live out this little vintage shop dream of mine. Let's be bloggy friends! Leave comments. Send me your blog button. Drop me an email.  
I'd love to "meet" you. 


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