Thursday, September 2, 2010

Vintage Military

I don't consider myself a "trendy" kind of girl. As a matter of fact, I try my hardest not to fall for fleeting trends that hurt my bank account. Also, trends (to me) seem to be all about doing what everyone else is doing, or wearing something just because some designer in Milan sent it down a runway a year ago.
On the other hand, I'm all about wearing what you like and what you want! If I happen to like certain trends for certain seasons, I'll wear it! And if I don't, I'll pass it up. But I can promise you one thing, if I like it well enough, heck...I'll wear it next season, and the season after that, and perhaps even two years from the time I buy it even if it isn't deemed "in for fall" (or spring, or summer, etc.) that year.

With all of that being said, J.Crew put out a Fall 2010 collection that is to die for. Military, utilitarian, army, greens, boyishness, goodness is in for fall and I'm loving it! Embracing early American fashion, the J.Crew Fall 2010 collection looks like it was created out of clothing from a vintage shop, so you know I'm on board!

{photos via}

Although this collection isn't entirely utilitarian, throwing in feminine heals, hair florals, and a big fluffy dress, J.Crew accents with clean military cuts, colors, and chunky coats.

Incorporating this look into your own look is one that might be a challenge. Trying to get that "unkempt, girly girl scout" look without channeling Demi Moore in J.I. Jane can be tricky. Mix your boyish pieces wisely by throwing in a clean cut coat, tailored cargo skinny pants, or even broken in granny boots.

Using J.Crew's collection as inspiration, I found a few military pieces around the Vintage Etsy World that wouldn't necessarily break the bank!

{Olive Ultra High Waste Skirt via Time Bandits Vintage; Navy Peaked Cap available at Nick and Nessies; 80's Leather Buckle Ankle Boots from James Rowland Shop; Wool Double Breasted Cardigan available at The Eves Like Us}

{Army Green Blazer from The Party Squirrel; Military Cap available at Story Book Vintage; Swiss Army Bag/Purse via Laurelinsailor; Leather Ankle Booties available at She Hearts Vintage; High Waste Shorts from Vonlenska Vintage}

So, what do you think? Would you wear this look?
If so, how would you incorporate it?


Katie said...

hell yea i would wear it all! i'm marking so i can steal those outfits from J.Crew's style lookbook when it gets colder here in Connecticut. Great post!! Thanks for including VonlenskaVintage in your finds!
<3 Katie, VV

Jillian said...

Thanks so much for including my army green blazer in this post. The collection you created is beautiful and your blog is AWESOME! I'll definitely be coming back :)

Jillian M. of
Party Squirrel Vintage

Lisa said...

I love military inspired pieces, such a classic look, and in my opinion never goes out of style! I also have always adored frilly dresses/skirts accented with structured boyish items. Great editorial and thanks for including our skirt!

xo. Lisa

p.s. I'm grabbin' a button for our tumblr!

T E L U said...

Lovely inspiration! Thank you so much for the include!
It means a lot. All the best~

sheHEARTSvintage said...

THANK YOU for the feature! Seriously, this post is amazing, so much time and effort and creativity! You inspire me! Makes me think how lazy I've been with my lil old blog hahaha. much much love, thanks again! xx

Storybook Vintage said...

AWESOME post! I love the J Crew lookbook, and how you've created your own version with vintage pieces. I'll definitely be back too....

MotherSea said...

You guys are too kind!
Thanks for all the sweet words and encouragement and especially for letting me use your awesome items for the post!
If you have a blog, I'll be adding it to my blog list on the sidebar. If you have a button, send it my way and I'll put it up!
Thank you again,

MotherSea said...

p.s. the dimensions for buttons on my sidebar are 160 x 60 pixels.
have a happy labor day weekend!

rothcomilitaryclothing said...

omg superb and awesome dresses are given...i start loving vintage clothes...

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