Ever wondered where I got the name for Odelma Vintage?
The night I fantasized about opening up my own vintage shop, I started to contemplate what the name should be. You see, I kind of have a thing for names. I am always collecting unique names that I hear or come across and dreaming about what my future children will be called. I love it!
When it came to the shop, I wanted a name with meaning. I didn't want just a fun name I enjoyed hearing. I wanted one that reflected the shop itself. So I started to mull over some vintage words, phrases, names, etc. Then it just came to me!

Allow me the pleasure to introduce to you my lovely grandmothers:
{Dad's Mother}

{Mom's Mother}

And that's the story!
Aren't they fabulous? I couldn't have come up with a better name. 

Lovingly Yours,

{*The Odelma lady graphic from banner & button was purchase from FenderskirtsVintage.com}
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