Sunday, April 10, 2011

Color Crave: Orange

// Moro Orange Wedge, Ruby Mimosa Dress \\
// Leaf Catching Scarf, Surf Competition Skirt, Sanguinelli Cardigan \\

You guys know that I am a big fan of incorporating COLOR into your outfit. You also know that I always try to be honest with you, so I refuse to sit here and tell you orange is the most flattering color and can be pulled off by any shape, size, or color. We all know that's not true! As much as I love the cheerful hue, It's not the ever popular and slimming black. I mean come on.

BUT! (Yes, there's a but) Despite the bad rep orange has gotten over the years, you can't deny the power it displayed on the runways of Spring 2011. It is pretty infectious isn't it? You can all start exhaling a big breath of relief because I am hear to tell you that's it's not impossible. It really, really isn't.

Although it might be difficult and intimidating to some, it definitely doesn't give off those effects on everybody. Check out the girls on the street that ModCloth blogger, Erin, rounded up. They pull it off pretty well don't you think?

Well, so can you! If you aren't ready to dress head to toe in the hue, try mixing in small pieces of orange through accessories and shoes. Here's another secret, take a darker colored dress that is super slimming on you and pair it with a colorful orange cardigan. Your problem areas are camouflaged by the darker garment, but you are also adding a hint of the trendy color to the mix. That's what I like to do anyway.

Have you thought about donning a fun orange wedge? Another thoughtful trick. Just add the color to your feet! If you're feeling super fun and confident, try pairing the color with it's complement - blue. (P.S. After putting up that post on orange & blue, I totally bought an orange maxi skirt that weekend and put it with a blue tank. So proud of myself for sticking to my spring wardrobe goals. Thanks for the help!)

So tell me, would you wear it? I've put together a little poll just to hear your responses. I love hearing from you guys, my friends. If you are reading this in Google Reader, you have to pop out to take the poll. Thanks and ever so much love to you all!

x.o. Mattie

p.s. Tory Burch, I always believed you!


Slow Southern Style said...

I love orange! I have one of those long, open cardis that I love wearing with a heathered grey tank underneath. Just stay away from black unless you want to look like a trick or treater.

bidaboo said...

Hey! I recently received my necklace and wanted you to know I love it. I actually found your blog by seeing a tweet from Slow Southern Style!

Anyway, I blogged about your blog today and thought i'd let you know :)

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