Friday, April 8, 2011

Let's Talk: Purses

Handbags. Bags. Purses. How many do you really wear?
As I was walking to class yesterday, I took a look at the straps of my purse. They are one string away from ripping right off. Then it got me thinking, "Why haven't I switched out purses in over a YEAR?"
It's true. I've been carrying around the same big, floppy, magenta purse for a over a year. It's not because I don't have other bags (too many to name) hanging around my closet. It's not because this one is so perfect that I can't bare to part ways. I think it's just because I'm too lazy to actually transfer all of the items inside of my bag from one to another. And I won't even mention the last time I bought one.

Then I started thinking about the last time we sold a purse at the local boutique that I work at once a week. I've been there for about 2-3 years now. I can't tell you the last bag we sold. I really cannot remember the last time someone even came in and took a second look at our purse shelves. 

I love the idea of coordinating my bag with my outfit. But let's be honest here, there is just no way I could do that with school. Because I am stubborn and refuse to wear a booksack (they are complete outfit messer-uppers), I have to have an oversized bag to fit all of my school stuff in. I just can't realistically switch bags up every day. But I wish I could!

Here is what I want to know. How many of you shop for handbags on a regular occasion? When's the last time you bought one? How often do you shop for purses? How often to switch out and change up your bag to coordinate with your outfit? Do people still do this? Surely they do. 

I want to know! Let's talk.

Bags Above: 
Top row // ShopRouche, LeMode, ModCloth
Bottom row // SpottedMoth, NeedSupply, NeedSupplyAccessorize 

p.s. can you tell i'm into short, boxy bags right now? didn't even mean to do that.


Blake said...

I have an embarrassing amount of purses {my father calls me the Imelda Marcos of purses}, but for the last 6 months I've been carrying the same navy and brown Target purse because I LOVE it. It doesn't match any of my outfits, but I just refuse to switch because it's huge and open and easy.

art deco dame said...

I am ALWAYS window shopping!I've been using the same bag since DEC. though because it is cute AND huge soworks as a diaper bag since I refuse to carry a traditional diaper bag

Claire Castagnera said...

I have a TON of bags! It's probably my favorite thing to shop for, and my biggest vice. I bought a new one a couple of weeks ago, though that was the first one I'd bought in a long time (I'm trying to cut back!).

And I switch my bags constantly, which is a pain because I'm always losing things that way. I don't really coordinate with my outfit, more like with my mood.

Megan V said...

I have a bin full of purses - but most of them aren't even super functional or my favorite anymore. I have one amazing bag from Urban that I use every day and it is super rare that I ever switch over to another. I'm considering just getting rid of all my 'excess baggage' (pun totally intended) and just being minimalist with one or two really functional and easy to use bags. With all of the needy people in the world, I feel like it's ridiculous to have a bin full of bags. Ya know?!

Slow Southern Style said...

I tend to go for quality vs. quantity when it comes to bags and I'll carry the same one for months. I have under 15 bags and I've owned some for years. That said I just bought a bag from the Gap (well I got it at Buffalo Exchange) that I love and don't care what happens to it since I got it so cheap.

bidaboo said...

Just today I was noticing that I switch purses way too often and keep things in all of them so it's like a little present when I switch.

Bags are great to shop for- you don't have to worry about trying them on or how you feel in your body that day. Like shoes :)

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