Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Vintage Seventeen Magazine Covers

I love a good vintage magazine cover. Seventeen Magazine has an entire collection on their site.



// found via @susangkoger


Slow Southern Style said...

Look how sweet and demure these girls look compared to what graces the covers of teen magazines these days.

Claire Castagnera said...

I love these, especially the one on the bottom right. Magazine covers today seem (at least American ones) are so generic and uninspired!

Ashley said...

I agree with Claire - these cover are a lot more visually stimulating that today's covered. Thanks for sharing! :)

Lana Hunt said...

is it sad that my favorite part is the mistake in the third mag, where one girl is behind 'seventeen' and the other is in front? surely they didn't mean to cover the lovely girl's face with a be 'e'! haha. these are great mattie. we had a HUGE stack of old seventeens at Buffalo Jo..... they are no longer :(

Kendall said...

That's so cool. I love seeing old magazine covers. :)


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