Saturday, January 8, 2011


Hi there!!
Yes, it's me. I actually haven't gone anywhere. I took a much needed winter break. Finals were tough, and I needed time to recoup. Now I'm here to tell you what's new with my life & Odelma.

New Space. Truth be told, I haven't had a desire to update the blog because I don't like working in a space that doesn't inspire me. I am over the layout of this blog. I am currently searching for designers that I can afford to give Odelma Blog a new look. I will also be digging into the design next week to see if I can come up with something pretty and fresh myself before I return to school. I have, though, updated the about me section with some new pictures. Have a looksy. Also, if you know any great blog designers, send them my way!

Sales. I actually was extremely busy during the Christmas season. Odelma did well! Especially since I wasn't promoting or adding new items to the shop (boo on school again here!). So I'm very pleased with  the extra sales I ended up with. It actually got me in the mood to list items again!

Spring Semester. With the way my school schedule works out this semester, I'll only be getting in around 4-10 hours a week at my current place of employment. Sort of a bummer, but it gives me a lot more time to work on Odelma during the school semester! I fought with the decision to give Odelma up this semester because I don't like doing things unless I can give my 100%, but since time has opened up this semester that just wasn't there last semester, I've decided to keep Odelma running. WOO! HOO! My parents also bought me a new photo light box. I take my pictures outside, and during school it was hard to make it home in time when there was still daylight, but the new light box allows me to take photos inside. I'm excited! Let's go, 2011!!

So those are the plans. Again, next week my big goal is to organize and implement some sort of plan for Spring 2011 & Odelma. I'm looking into planners, cutesy calendars, inspiration sources, and whatnot to keep me inspired and Odelma fresh. I'll be improving the look, getting back on twitter, and trying to come up with some regular posts on the blog. I've also made a promise to myself to take more pictures, so with the help of my newest gadget (iphone4), I hope to make this happen! So expect more pictures and a personal voice coming through the Odelma blog.

In the meantime, you can follow me on my newest obession - Pinterest.
And tell me, what would you like to see on the Odelma blog? I'm open for suggestions!



kaylynn said...

I, for one, am glad you are still doing odelma this semester! I've been meaning to contact you about something but since I'm not on facebook anymore, I don't know how:) Email? Phone? my gmail is if you want to hit me first! Thank you ma'am!

Megan V said...

Welcome back to blogland!! You should get a blog makeover from the Freckled Nest team. They do make gorgeous blogs! Best of luck getting back into the swing of things and I look forward to more posts here on your blog! :) xo

Mrs Amber Apple said...

yay! you're back!

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