Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Does anyone have an instagram account? I was a bit of a skeptic at first, but now I'm wishing more of my friends had the app. It's a great way to snap and share photos quickly and easily. There are a few editing filters to make your pics look awesome. There is also a feed that brings up your friend's pics in real time as they post them. People can like your pictures and comment on them. You can also make your pictures private, and have a request sent to you when someone wants to follow your pictures. That might not be your kind of thing, but I enjoy it! (p.s. my account is mattiebabb)
{1} Luke's nephew, Jack. {2} My niece, Kamryn.
{3} Handmade shoes Luke bought me from a man in Mexico. 
{4} What tennis ball? {5} Man, that's one poached egg.

{6} Goofy beard my mom crocheted Luke. We call it "The Christmas Beard." 
{7}. Crane Crossing {8} Let me out.
{9} Drove up to Luke like this in my driveway. :)


Christy said...

These are so much fun! I'm up for phone upgrade in February and I think it's time to break down and get an iPhone. My husband has one and he loves it.

Mattie Babb said...

Christy, I was such a hater at first, but I've definitely fallen in love! I had a blackberry (RIP), but nothing compares to what all I can do on my little iphone. I highly recommend! Especially since you are online 24/7 like me! And the pictures it takes with the camera ..well no other phone camera compares.

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