Saturday, February 19, 2011

Friend Over For The Weekend - Blake from Love, Lace, & Life Changes

Hey y'all! Blake here! Southerner, writer, and wedding enthusiast. I got so excited when Mattie asked me to come over, and then realized I had a million and one things I wanted to talk about. Sooo, in typical me fashion, this post has multiple facets. So bear with me, I think you'll enjoy it.

First up, trends! And not just regular trends, I'm talking about a couple of old wedding trends that are making an awesome come-back!

Dresses! I have to admit that I kind of love tulle. I know everyone doesn't, but after 13 years of wearing it on ballet recital costumes, I'm kind of partial. And it's so whimsical and flowy! Definitely not for every bride, but I know a few that could certainly pull it off.

Old Hollywood glamor. I love it too much. Men were so dashing in Gable's day, because they actually put some effort into the way they looked! I love the suspenders and the fedora, who says only the bride gets to be fashionable on the big day?! I think this comeback is so wonderful.

Cakes. Fondant is nice and all, but I love the texture and taste of butter cream, don't you?? I feel like it gives the cake a more personal touch...

And there's definitely some wedding trends that I'm glad have gone to the nuptial grave yard.

If I never see these things, I'll be perfectly happy. No bride should be putting her bridesmaids in anything that...mean. And it's your wedding day! Quit looking so stiff! The best wedding pictures are always the ones where everyone is cracking up laughing... And oh ma gah. Those trains! No woman should have to try and wrangle one of those things on one of the happiest days of her life!

In closing, I just wanted to highlight three of my most favorite brides ever. Ever ever ever.

1. Grace Kelly. I mean, the woman was flawless. That dress, that veil, that hair, she was the epitome of grace. I remember being a little girl and drooling over wedding stuff, she was usually my focus. Love.
2. Priscilla Presley. I was a big Elvis fan as a little girl. I get that it kind of looks like she's wearing a sheet, but she works it! I wouldn't be caught dead in that veil, but it was the look of the time. And her makeup is so 60s...I can barely stand it.
3. Jessica Simpson. Stop laughing. She looked so beautiful and radiant on her wedding day! That Vera Wang dress is to die for. Her hair was so lovely! And she was just so happy. {Sad day that they didn't last.}

So there it is. My favorite new old trends, the ones I'm glad didn't make it, and the women who made weddings wonderful to me. I'm so honored that Mattie let me share my wedding chatter with y'all, I hope you enjoyed.


Christy said...

I also love tulle so long as it's done right it is so feminine and fanciful. Also love your bride picks; they are all great in their own individual ways and their personality really shines through.

Mrs Amber Apple said...

ah, what a lovely post! *sigh* Grace Kelly was flawless!

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