Saturday, January 29, 2011

Friend Over For The Weekend - LolaDee

Hello there, friends of Mattie! 
I'm LolaDee and I'm delighted that Mattie invited me over for the weekend :)

Since all I've been doing this week is working and drowning in a sea of craft supplies trying to tidy my studio, I figured I would share a little 'day in the life' picture post with you.

7:30am; Find something fun to wear.

9:00am; Arrive at the radio station I'm currently on work placement in. 
Make myself a cup of tea.
 Search online for interesting content for the show. 
Read the luffly Russel Brand's Booky Wook 2. 

10:00am; Sit myself at my little work station in the studio, where I research for the show.

2:00pm; Finish the show, go out and get some vox pops from the public for the sports show.

3:30pm; Come home, greeted by my insanely messy craft studio. Decide it needs tidying before I can do anything!

7:30pm; Get distracted by shiny vintage buttons. Make some brooches.

11:30pm; FINALLY finished. Super excited at how nice it looks and suddenly feel 100% more motivated to get working. The Tour???
My Desk (it NEVER looks this organised, I promise)

This is a journal that I like to write down little goals in.

These are some photos of my parents from the 70's. They always make me smile :)

Here is my large work-table with my sewing machine. 
I'm ashamed to say I've had this sewing machine since the summer 
and I still haven't really used it. It's my new years resolution, though! Watch this space ;)

My shelves where I keep fabric, felt and other bits n pieces.

My button collection. A little obsessed to be honest!

I love this vintage glass bowl and it works a treat for keeping small balls of yarn in.

And this is a vintage picnic basket I found at a carboot sale for €2 that I like to keep my finished products in as it makes it easy to carry them around to fairs and markets. And it looks cute :)

Well, that's basically a day in my life. It's a little deceiving because my studio is usually a mess when I'm actually working in it. I guess you caught me on a good day! :)
Have a great weekend and thanks to Mattie for having me over!

LolaDee xoxo

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nicedaydesigns said...

Love these pics of your work space, and as someone that just did a big studio clean up I know your pain!

Love the vintage app that you're using too

LolaDee said...

Thanks, Ruth! I used the instagram app for iphone. Its free and fun to use :) Will have to do a tour of my craft studio for the etsy ireland blog soon :) Xo

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