Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Thrift Book.

Have you ever stepped inside of an Urban Outfitters, looked around, and swore you had just stepped into a very upscale thrift store? And then quickly reminded that you were most definitely no where close to being inside of a thrift store after glancing at a price tag or two.
Yeah, happens to me all the time!
I get so frustrated sometimes when I go in that place.
But here's the good news! It IS possible to replicate all of those perfectly styled displays! And for a fraction of the price! Just go check out a thrift store.

This leads me to my next problem.
Thrift stores' clothing racks overwhelm me.
There is just so much to dig through! Don't get me wrong, I love the hunt, but sometimes it's just SO much that I often give up. I usually go in with an outfit in my head, and then soon forget what I even came in for after a few racks down!
Very frustrating, I tell ya.

In the past, I've had blogs for each season that I would save images and inspiration of pretty outfits to be on the look for. That didn't help me when I was actually in thrift stores shopping, so this year I'm doing it a little different.

My Thrift Book:
I put together a little notebook that I cut images out of magazines, printed pictures offline, etc. and glue them onto the pages. Then, I make little notes highlighting specifics on each page. The notebook is small enough for me to shove in my bag. This way, I'll have all my ideas on paper with me so I can glance back when I'm right in the middle of the hunt! So perfect.

A notebook. Scissors. Glue Stick. Magazines. Printed Pictures from Online. Etc.

Here are some examples I made.

{Neet Magazine Blogger, Marla Singer}

{The forever inspiring LookBook}

You can save pictures of home decor, accessories, hair styles. So many options!
I know this is no new idea, but I'm very excited to start working my thrift book. 
Hope this helped some of you!


jess said...

what a cool idea, i love the images you chose. i don't know if you've heard of it but has some really good inspiration and alot of it incorporates thrift finds too. <3

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