Monday, July 26, 2010

Jo Alyn Necklace

If you've visited the shop recently, you might have noticed this little gem
in the jewelry section. Goes by the name of Jo Alyn Necklace.
And here's the story:

{Barbara. Ethel. Jo Alyn.}

Jo Alyn is my Granny's sister. 
They have been cut ups since I can remember.
I'm pretty sure they got it from their mother, Nanny, who 
one time when I was little I heard call an old man (loud enough for him to hear) 
an "old buzzard" for passing her in the hospital hall without speaking back to her.
And what's even funnier is that both Granny and Aunt Jo Alyn
have joined the Facebook world.
Aunt Jo leaves comments on Granny's wall like
"Hey, Ethel. Your hair's holdin' up good."
And Granny deletes them because that's what Granny thought
you do after you read a comment on your wall.
Even deleting a comment from my cousin, Aubrey, that said
"Hey, Granny. I love you!"
(Try explaining to Aubrey why her "I love you" comment was deleted.)

Anyway, after Aunt Jo heard about Granny's "name being on a website"
she insisted that at least a pair of earrings be named Jo Alyn.
It was only fair.
So when I came across this necklace, 
I knew it would be the Jo Alyn piece.
Isn't it gorgeous?
Another one of those things I secretly wish wouldn't sell 
so I could keep it for myself. ;)

And that's the story.

{Aunt Jo. Granny}


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