Monday, April 25, 2011

NEWS. A Very Mod Summer.

Well, it's official. Not only did I finally land an internship, but I definitely got the internship of my dreams!!!! Over the weekend I received the best news ever -- I'll be working with MODCLOTH over the summer in San Francisco! Can you believe it?! I still can't. 

I've been working on trying to score this internship for a while now. Back and forth e-mails have been sent since about January. I've had to participate in a skills test, a Skype interview, and many phone interviews. And let me tell you, the ModCloth team is as sweet as you can imagine them to be. They were all a delight to work with during the selection process. Always so polite, helpful and encouraging. You wouldn't expect any less from ModCloth though would you? Well, I finally got the news on Friday and I have been on cloud nine since. Now let me share with you my ModCloth love story.

When I sometimes get stuck trying to find my place in this huge apparel industry, I always get drawn back to ModCloth, the company that restored my passion for apparel merchandising. The fashion world can be intimidating and sometimes exudes the impression that fashion can only be executed and enjoyed by an elite few. ModCloth removes that intimidation factor, creates an atmosphere that is fun and engaging, and promotes a message that I stand behind, one that states that fashion can be enjoyed and perfected by all, no matter what your background, style, or self expression ("wear watcha want and work watcha got," remember?). ModCloth's customers feel appreciated and celebrated, which in return results in loyalty and sales. The entire democratic process is brilliant, and creates a complete win-win situation for the customer and the retailer. These characteristics are what I believe in fashion for. This is what it's supposed to be about! 

A little more details on the gig: 
I'll be working with the merchandising team. Some of my duties will include merchandise categorization (putting items together like this),  inventory monitoring, sample management, and pricing. 
I will be return from my field study in New York on May 28 and have to be in San Francisco on May 30th! I'll be there until August 12th. There are so many things I have to do until then, and I am in complete overdrive! I catch myself on Craigslist 10x a day trying to find a place to stay for the time I'm there. If any of you San Francisco locals or experts have any advice on where I should be looking, please let me know!! I am a mess.

Thank you so much for sharing the excitement with me, and I can't wait to see what's next. I am anxiously awaiting May 30th. That date can't get here soon enough!!

So please, if you have any advice, tips, or tricks for living in San Francisco for 3 months over the summer, don't hesitate to throw them my way! I will be ever so grateful. :)

EEK! I can't stop smiling.

x.o. Mattie


Dawn Trest said...

wow!!! Congratulations! That is such exciting news!

nancybabb said...

Go online and look up local churches... Like I found Cornerstone ... I know NOTHING about it but you can watch some of their sermons online to get a clue ... (you have to be careful even with churches)

Anyway, find a church then contact them to see if they know someone or have some help.

Claire Castagnera said...

Congrats! That's amazing, and ModCloth is such a cool company!

Cassandra said...

Congratulations!!! That is so cool. I bet you are going to have a great summer! :)

art deco dame said...


Ashley said...

Seriously so stinking excited for you!!! :D

Lady Katie Jane said...

We're excited to have you!! You can email me at, I can give you some SF advice. My biggest piece of advice? Pack lots of cardigans, SF is cold in the summer!

Can't wait!


Luke Zito said...

So proud of you! and this, " SF is cold in the summer!" Is so exciting for us Louisianians. Can't wait to visit you.

Love you


LolaDee said...

Can't believe I missed this. What an amazing opportunity. Its plain to see why you got the internship. Your enthusiasm just oozes from this posr. Well done! xoxo

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