Saturday, March 19, 2011

Friend Over For The Weekend - Aunt Nancy

Hi Everybody!  I'm Nancy, Mattie's mother was the "Odell" part of "Odelma".  I am THRILLED to be here!  Thank you Mattie for inviting me!!!  (I just wish I was really there for the weekend!)

I have a blog that I call "My Legacy" (aka Classes With Nancy)...There are two names because I keep changing my focus!  I'm 57 years old but I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up!  But, no matter what it is called I have spent almost every day of the last two years learning and then showing what I have learned on my blog.  I finally gave up trying to have a cool background and header... I was changing every week!  So, I have landed on the name "My Legacy" because that is really what it is ... me, trying to leave what I have learned through my many years to my six nieces.

I have done videos from making "air dry clay", something I learned YEARS and YEARS ago

 to something I just figured out week before last, how to intertwine my monogram.

When Mattie first asked me to be a guest I had a little panicky feeling (resulting in the need for a Smoothie.... THEN!)...What in the world to "talk" about?  I tend to live one day at a time and usually wake up with the question, "I Wonder If... this or that will work?" (another possible name for the blog!)  So, I did what comes naturally and said... "I'll think about that tomorrow!"  And guess what!  When tomorrow came I got THE idea!  YES!

We'll call this... "The Evolution of An Idea" ... because this really is how I get most of my ideas!...and why I think its silly to have a clean house! (that was for Lin, my brother, Mattie's dad)

And it all started with this....

Yup, that's right, I dropped the whole thing on the floor!  OH JOY!  Yet another mess that needs cleaning up!   As I was sweeping and about to dump it in the trash I had the thought... "WAIT, you can use it in a can to hold up pencils!"  So I grabbed the ever-ready can and filled it up.


I looked at it and just had a "ho-hum" feeling about it at which point I looked down and saw a jar ....

And EUREKA!  My idea was born!  I would make a "Hidden Treasure Container!"  Cool!

To work!

I've never made one, or seen one made so it took 3 times videoing the steps because I was just "winging it".

Here is what we will be making:

A place to hide your treasures!

(Important note!  REMEMBER where you hide it!!!  I honestly lost all of my diamond jewelry for TWELVE years by hiding it when we went on vacation!  It took a fire gutting my house and the Holy Spirit directing my steps to find it!  Talk about a God story!  I'll have to write about that on my other blog: Life Lessons)
Anyway, anyway...seeeeee.... FOCUS!

What you will need: 
  • A Jar
  • Popcorn or Beans or Rice
  • A container that will fit inside your jar (I used a Dr Pepper can) could be a paper/plastic cup, a toilet paper roll, whatever.
  • Glue
  • Scissors (NOT your momma's fabric scissors!!!)
  • A label (Included as a FREEBIE! click HERE)
  • Something to pour with
  • Something pointed if you are using a can (missing from picture)
Now, go make you some popcorn, grab a Dr Pepper .... sit back and relax ...  I'll do the work for you now...

Enjoy the show!

What I did next, after my battery died, was add a few more kernels in the wet that even if it turns over nothing but the treasure is going to fall out. 

OH!  And I added the label... I printed mine on 8.5" x 11" label paper, but you can print on regular paper and use your favorite glue to glue it down.

Lessons learned....(and the reason I had to tape 3 times):
  • The first time I opened a can that I had not washed out as soon as I finished drinking can't tell that until you have cut the can open, so be sure and wash your can out ASAP if you think you may use it.  (I have a few more ideas for drink cans coming up so you may want to start your collection now.) Yes, you can wash it after its open but there is a little groove in the bottom that catches all the sticky, that groove is hard to get that clean, especially with the sharp edges of the cut can.
  • The second time I had to stop because I had not made the can short enough...That's what happens when you don't measure first.  You want the can to be just below the neck of the jar.
OK then, I hope you enjoyed watching me learn and an idea evolve.  That was fun!  Please join me over at my blog and see what is next!  I NEVER KNOW!

OH! And I have a few things listed on Etsy..(you can get there from the blog) I don't have a whole lot listed now, but if there is ANYTHING you want, ASK, I bet I have at least one I'm willing to sell to you! And if I don't have it, odds are good I can make it :-)

That's it!  If you have any question, please feel free to email me at

Love you Mattie!


Megan V said...

What a fun project - and your aunt Nancy is so sweet!! I'm so glad she did a guest post, that was great!

Thanks, Aunt Nancy! Love your accent :D xoxo meg

nancybabb said...

You're welcome Megan! What accent?

Lana Hunt said...

OHHHHH goodness Mattie. I love your aunt Nancy. I want to be HER when I grow up.

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