Thursday, March 10, 2011

Clothes That Catch My Attention -- The High Waist Skirt

I'm on the hunt for the perfect skirt (for me) for spring. I'd like it to be high waisted, a longer length, full(ish), and feminine! Problem is my hips are very much large and in charge! I typically can disguise them best with empire waist dresses. I have yet to find a skirt that is flattering, but I got to thinking that I could create an empire waist dress look with a high waist skirt, no? Now I've just got to find that skirt. Here are some inspirational images that I'm using for the hunt. Any up your sleeve that you'd like to share?


{thanks to dear katrina for the styling sources.}


Ashley said...

haha! My hips are large and in charge too! :)

Two favorite fullish skirts -

This one from UO

I also just got the most perfect navy A-line skirt (also came in candy apple red) from H&M this week.

Think Twice Style said...

I have been collecting right-below-the-knee full length skirts for the last month! The length is so elegant and lady like. I live in BR too and found a couple of them at the Goodwill on College, or what I lovingly call "the rich old lady gold mine". So check there and I've seen quite a few at America's Thrift by Cortana. Hope that helps!

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