Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hair Crave

{one. two.}
{four. five.}

The messy bun. There is something so wrong and so right about this style. I feel as if you have to get it JUST right. Although, getting it just right (for me) = not trying to get it just right. When I don't try, it works. When I do, I'm late for school trying to get the darn bun to sit right on my head.
Love this look! What do you think? Like the slightly unkempt look?


Emily said...

I too, am obsessed with messy hair! And this new messy braids trend is killing me! So many pretty pictures of lovely, sloppy braided hair.

Megan V said...

I love it a lot! Especiallly with a braid tucked in. It's the worst to be late for school/work trying to get a bun to not look goofy. I've been there! :D

Lauren said...

i was just thinking how i need to start paying someone to fix my hair... love these dos, and i'm all about that effortless look {which unfortunately always seems to require way too much effort}

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