Saturday, January 22, 2011

Friend Over For The Weekend - Lauren from Loho Design Co.

okay ladies, you know you've said it before. i certainly have, too many times. "i don't want to be that girl, but...". it's like the guy's girl version of "no homo." nobody wants to be that girl. but who the heck is that girl anyway? she's me. she's you. she's everywoman and no woman all at the same time. i'm not one for starting revolutions, but i think it's time we all cut each other a little slack. you don't get to be the cool, laid-back girl who eats everything she wants, doesn't give a flip about her appearance and vehemently opposes drama ALL the time. i know haters gonna hate. but for now, just enjoy the following "that girl"s and laugh at yourself a little.



blakebollinger said...

This. Is. Brilliant. Now I'm sitting here trying to figure out which "that girl" I am, haha. So good!

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