Thursday, October 14, 2010

10 Pretty Things

One of my favorite bloggers, Katrina, has a blog called 10 Pretty Things. It is rather genius, to be honest.
Katrina's blogs are my first to check every morning on my bloglist. Her work is amazing and I'm a huge fan. 10 Pretty Things is a blog where Katrina simply updates with 10 of her favorite things at the moment. Sounds pretty simple, but her selections are always perfect and I find myself wanting every single thing on her list. If you haven't checked it our already, you should really get on it and add it to your faves!
Here are a few of my favorite top 10's.

10 Pretty Socks

10 Pretty Oxfords

10 Pretty Fabric Tapes


Megan V said...

I've never heard of her blog - I'll definitely check it out. I'm SOOOOOO OBSESSED with the pink oxfords. I've seen those before and got chills. :D

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