Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Girl Crush 1: Charlotte "Chuck" Charles

If you haven't heard already, Luke and I have been shamelessly addicted to the series Pushing Daisies this summer. It's the story of Ned, a pie baker who can bring the dead back to life with the touch of his hand, and his woken-from-the-dead, childhood sweet heart, Charlotte ("Chuck"); Pushing Daisies chronicles their adventures as the team solves murder mysteries using Ned's talent, uproots their own childhood secrets, and bakes pies in a 1950s styled wonderland.

The show is incredibly quirky and unusual in the best way possible. The narration is excellent and quick, and the plot has the best twists and turns that leave me just completely mesmerized the entire time. But the best part about it, the one thing that makes my little fashion heart flutter more than anything is Chuck and her absolutely perfectly styled outfits. They are sweet and feminine, modest and lovely, bold and classic. From her head to her toes. She is definitely my Girl Crush of the Week!

As Girl Crush of the Week, I'll share some of my favorite outfits of hers and then show off some lovely pieces just like them found on fellow vintage Etsy shops that can be YOURS. Respectfully admire my Girl Crush of the Week, then turn around and starting using her as inspiration for your own wardrobe. Exciting.

1950's! My FAVORITE dressed decade, and boy does Chuck wear it well. Those 50s inspired dresses incorporate my favorite elements to any outfit: modest, feminine, and pretty. 

1. Full Skirts
2. Waist High
3. Mid-Calf Length

{From left to right}
1. Black from My Favorite Vintage
2. Red from Allen Company Inc.
3. Yellow from Art Deco Dame
4. Lilac from Dear Golden Vintage
5. Brown Gingham from Becky Drolen

1. Firefly Vintage
2. Allen Company Inc.
3.Timeless Vixen Vintage
4. The Church of Vintage
5. Dear Golden Vintage

1.  Zwzzy
2. Lady Grunge Vintique
3. Vintage Retro Cat


beckydrolen said...

what an amazing post...i think i am in love with all of these dresses...and Chuck Charles! (although I have never seen the show) Thanks so much for including my dress.
<3 Becky

art*deco*dame said...

Oh my!Thanks for featuring my yellow dress!Love your blog,off you follow it now.=)

jess said...

i love love this post. i have such a love for anything floral and dresses are my favorite thing to wear so floral+happiness=bliss.

Megan V said...

Chuck!! I love her tooooo! That character is styled so perfectly!!! I love this post!! Thanks! xo

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